Sharing Food with family and friends creates bonds like no other. Gluto fresh pasta is
made for such occasions: Gluto is the delicious fresh pasta brand that fits everyone and
every diet. Our pasta is made using nothing but naturally gluten-free ingredients, corn flour,
rice flour and water – no additives, colorants, milk products or eggs added. Glutois made for
food lovers who look for quality pasta that is full of flavours, and is fast and easy to prepare
even for larger feasts

Gluto fresh pasta is produced in Helsinki, with the purest Finnish water and Italian
know-how and expertise. We believe that this dual identity and mix of cultures results
in pasta that represents the best of both worlds. Finland, the country with uncompromising
food safety standards, guarantees us a fresh and clean product. But since fresh and clean
isn’t enough, we lean on generations of Italian pasta traditions to serve you delicious flavours
and scrumptious recipes. Whether it is for your cosy home-made meals, your big family
gatherings or your Italian theme dinners, with Gluto you only need one single pasta for all guests.

Gluto – Everyone’s invited!




Gluto isn’t just pasta for special dietary needs or distinctive food requirements. It is a tasty,
fun and new alternative for all pasta lovers. Gluto fresh pasta has all the characteristics of traditional
pasta. With our unique and innovative production techniques we has manage to create gluten-free fresh pasta
with the essential al dente bite and mouthfeel, and an inviting yellow hue.
The products are also VEGAN and FREE OF ANY PRESERVATIVES.








With Gluto you are a little step closer to pasta history. According to historical data it
was the famous Italian traveller Marco Polo who first discovered pasta in China in the
13th century, and introduced it to his fellow countrymen in 1271. However, the first pasta
brought to Italy wasn’t made from wheat. It was made using rice flour. Who says pasta
ought to be made with wheat, and contain gluten?   Eight centuries later, another Italian
Marco, Marco Lembo – Founder of Gluto fresh pasta – decided to challenge this claim together
with his good friend and pasta master Maurizio Pelosi. Together Marco and Maurizio proved
that it is possible to make delicious fresh pasta in a different way. As a result, Gluto fresh pasta
is now available in stores worldwide. With a twinkle in their eye, Marco and Maurizio have
surprised many fellow countrymen by serving them their pasta at blind tastings. The two friends
love to tell the story about their friends never noticing the difference.




As of now, we have eight different fresh pasta types in our selection: Two filled
ravioli – Spinach and lemon and Italian artichoke; Gnocchi and five different shapes:
Fusilli, Rigatoni, Rustica, Pappardelle and Fettuccine. Our pasta masters are constantly
testing and developing new shapes and recipes.

All the pasta is produced with the same added values Gluten free, Vegan,
GMO Free, Dairy Free, Preservatives free, Eggs free. All the production
can also be done Organic, Kosher and Halal.
This is why everyone’s invited!   



If you have any questions, comments or if you can’t wait to serve Gluto fresh pasta at home, in your store or at your restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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